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Hunt sabs are a dedicated group of people who take direct action against all forms of wildlife persecution, including foxhunting, hare hunting, shooting, badger culls and much more.

We manage to save countless lives all year round, but unfortunately it costs money. Petrol and maintenance cost for our van. Equipment such as radio’s, video camera’s, map’s, citronella sprays and more.

We run entirely on donations from the public. Rest assured that every penny donated will go directly to sabs and ultimately save lives.

You can donate online to Manchester Hunt Sabs here

You can donate online to Liverpool Hunt Sabs here

You can donate online to Cheshire Hunt Sabs here

You can donate online to North Wales Hunt Sabs here

You can donate online to Cheshire Against Blood Sports here

You can donate online to Staffordshire Hunt Sabs here


You can also support hunt sabs by buyng their merchandise (links below)

Manchester Hunt Sabs merchandise

Liverpool Hunt Sabs merchandise

Contact Info
Mobile :
07960 038230
Address :
North West HSA c/o BM HSA, London, WC1N 3XX

Information on hunts, shoots, gamekeepers, where hunts are meeting, places, dates etc., people you suspect of being involved in bloodsports, anybody seen digging for badgers or foxes. Any information no matter how small could be of great use to us. If you can help please contact us.

Please Support Us

100% of all donations will go directly to helping get saboteurs out in the field, saving lives, so every donation makes a big difference. We are active both at weekends and during the week to prevent the persecution of wildlife. Please support us by making a donation.