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Hunting and Shooting Seasons

Fox Cub hunting August - November

Foxhunting November 1st - April (sometimes May)

Red deer (England only)

Autumn stags August 01st - end October 31st

Hinds November 1st - end February 28th

Spring stags February 28th - end April 30th

Roebuck April 2nd October 31st

Hare Hunting (harrier, beagle & basset packs) October - March (Note: in England & Wales it is illegal to kill hares on a Sunday or Christmas Day.)

Mink Hunting April - September

Shooting birds

Blackgame August 20th - December 10th

Capercaillie October 1st - January 31st

Grouse August 12th - December 10th

Partridge September 1st - February 1st

Pheasant October 1st - February 1st

Ptarmigan August 12th - December 10th

Common Snipe August 12th - January 31st

Woodcock (England & Wales) October 1st - January 31st

Woodcock (Scotland) September 1st - January 31st

Wild geese and duck

Below the High Water Mark of ordinary Spring Tides Sept 1st - Feb 20th

Elsewhere September 1st - January 31st

Golden Plover September 1st - January 31st

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Information on hunts, shoots, gamekeepers, where hunts are meeting, places, dates etc., people you suspect of being involved in bloodsports, anybody seen digging for badgers or foxes. Any information no matter how small could be of great use to us. If you can help pleaseĀ contact us.

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