North West Hunt Saboteurs
Anarchy and chaos in the countryside

Five years of anarchy and choas in the countryside

The following hunt chaos has all occurred since the ban came into effect on February 18th 2005. These incidents are the ones that we know of, how many more go unreported?

Fox killed by Surrey Union Fox killed by Surrey Union

Death on the Village green; How the law isn't working and the Police don't care. This happens almost every day the length and breadth of the country, but usually safely away from public scrutiny.

Hunt Saboteurs have to witness such scenes week in and week out, three years after the Hunting Act came into force. Not surprisingly, foxhunts in England feel they are above the law.

Animals are protected from hunts by law, but if the law won’t help them then hunt sabs will have to.

Why does this happened if hunts are following a scent, etc etc etc.

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10/10/09 Hunt apologises for chasing fox through Barlow Common Nature Reserve
03/12/09 Hounds ran into garden
26/11/09 Row over hunt 'insult' in Piddletrenthide
13/10/09 South Wales community traumatised after hunt dog left hanging from fence
10/03/09 Woman traumatised as hunt hounds run amok
24/02/09 Out-of-control hunting dogs rip pet cat apart
19/02/09 Pet owner horrified as hunt dogs rip cat apart
18/02/09 Apology after hounds run through garden
02/02/09 Anger after hunt dogs run amok
16/01/09 Hunt hounds kill fox outside animal rescue charity
15/01/09 Hunt hounds savage pet cat
14/01/09 Hunt hounds savage cat
20/08/08 Boy's pet cat savaged by hunting dog
10/03/08 Hunting hound killed on the road
07/03/08 Anger as hunting dogs run into home
01/03/08 Chaos in Monyash
13/02/08 Another hunt endangers public, again

30/01/08 'Horror hounds' terrorise street
30/01/08 Ex-mayor denies law broken in fox mayhem
14/01/08 Death on the Village green
13/01/08 Illegal hunt invasion of airfield puts lives at risk
13/01/08 Hunt 'chased fox into empty village house'
12/01/08 Hounds killed and injured after chasing a fox
10/01/08 Rampaging hunt hounds cause £4,000 damage to garden
08/01/08 Law fails to ban hunt from my garden
27/12/07 Horse falls in reservoir
21/12/07 Fox shock for golfer
29/11/07 Grandson watched as hounds ripped fox apart
04/10/07 Horror as hounds savage pet terrier
04/06/07 Hunting dogs kill poodle
15/03/07 'OAP threatened' after complaint about hunt dogs
01/03/07 Rare breed birds panic as hunt hounds invade
01/03/07 Police launch appeal after hounds enter gardens
28/02/07 Pets attacked as hounds run amok
27/02/07 Fox killed by hounds claim
23/02/07 Row after hunt spills on to animal sanctuary land
22/02/07 'Hunt man tried to run me down'
22/02/07 Gran's anger as abusive hunt supporter cautioned
22/02/07 Woman’s fury at chased fox
22/02/07 Police probe hounds in gardens claim
16/02/07 Police called in after hunt hounds kill fox
02/02/07 Pregnant woman in fear of hunt dogs
03/02/07 They killed fox in my garden
29/01/07 Riders 'watch' as hounds tear into animal in garden
21/01/07 'I say, we only winged the blighter. Will somebody finish it off?'
19/01/07 Monitor: 'I was attacked'
09/01/07 Foxes, hounds and people at risk
09/01/07 Hunt 'used nature reserve'
22/12/06 Hunting horror
14/12/06 Hunt accused over cut horse
03/12/06 Stag torn to pieces by hunt
18/11/06 Hunting supporters have sights on me
15/11/06 Hunt facing probe over fox attack
08/11/06 Outraged by hunt’s attitude
03/11/06 My sick horse upset by hunt
02/11/06 Hunt horror on Hallowe'en
22/10/06 'Harmless' hunt kills farmer's llamas
28/09/06 Hunt kills pet cat
15/09/06 Horror at brutal killing of goat
27/08/06 Animal cruelty: Torment of a stag
24/08/06 Owner tells how she tried to protect pet from hounds' attack
25/03/06 Woods row huntsmen get Asbo warning
21/03/06 Golf club bans ‘out of control’ hunt after pregnant fox savaged to death
20/02/06 Police probe hunt threats allegations
07/02/06 Villagers furious after 'invasion' by huntsmen
17/02/06 Pet llama dies after hounds scare
17/02/06 Hunts accused of breaching ban
14/02/06 Fox was killed ‘by accident’
12/02/06 Hunts admit they are flouting ban
10/02/06 Villagers seek Asbo to drive Cotswold Hunt from their land
09/02/06 Driver sees fox ripped apart by hounds
03/0206 Witnesses say fox was killed by hounds
30/01/06 Police check claims fox was killed by pack of hounds
27/01/06 Hounds died in the road
26/01/06 Hounds 'pick up fox scent' and wreak havoc
26/01/06 Huntsmen apologise for hounds running amok through village
26/01/06 'Hunters try to kill fox
25/01/06 Hunt escapes charges
23/01/06 Probe held into village fox death
19/01/06 Family faced with shotguns at beauty spot
15/01/06 Hounded by hunt
14/01/06 Hunt accused of chasing live foxes
14/01/06 Hunters under investigation
06/01/06 Hound died chasing fox over road
29/12/05 Police probe illegal hunting complaints
29/12/05 I saw hunt hounds rip a fox to pieces
22/12/05 Hunt rides in
12/12/05 Hunt boss in talks over killing of pet goat
10/12/05 Fox-Hunt Accused of Endangering Lives
02/12/05 Rescue drama after hounds fall over cliff
10/11/05 Avon hunt denies breaking the law
02/11/05 Staff 'really feared for horses' lives'
19/10/05 Hound horror in the reserve
21/03/05 St Patrick's Day hunting hounds savage pet cat
16/03/05 Angry pro-hunt campaigner's ban on hounds
14/03/05 Hunt is reported for 'intimidation'
24/02/05 Hunt breakaway group 'reckless and dangerous'


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