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Code Of Conduct (Extracts)

Rules for people like him?Rules for people like him?

1. The prime objectives of properly conducted terrier work is to provide a pest control service which is humane, efficient and selective.

2. The conduct of those engaged in terrier work should at all times reflect the above objectives.

3. Particular care should always be taken to minimise any risk of injury to either the quarry or the terrier. NOTE: The terrier's role is to locate its quarry underground, to bark at it continuously, to either cause it to leave the earth or alternatively to indicate where in the earth the quarry is located in order that it can be dug to and dispatched. The greatest risk of injury to either animal is normally at the end of a 'dig', this can be minimised by either digging to the quarry, removing the terrier and dispatching the quarry in the hole, or by bolting the quarry into a net for subsequent removal or dispatch, or by bolting the quarry to standing Guns. It is recommended, wherever possible and practical, that only one terrier is entered to ground at a time.

4. Terrier work must always be conducted with the permission of the landowner/agent, whose wishes and property should be respected at all times. NOTE: Should a terrier be injured while terrier work is being conducted on ground where permission has not been granted, then the owner is liable for prosecution under Section 1 subsection 1(a) of The Protection of Animal Act 1911 for causing unnecessary suffering, the penalties for which are quite severe.

5. Quarry should at all times be treated with respect and dispatched in a humane and proper manner. NOTE: For foxes the recommended method is either a shotgun or a firearm,

6. In locations where it is not practicable to dispatch the quarry or it is the expressed wish of the landowner/agent that the quarry is taken alive, transported elsewhere and subsequently dispatched or released, due regard should be paid to the general welfare, safety and comfort of the quarry. NOTE: Familiarity with "The Protection of Animals Act 1911" is considered essential, as a wild animal can become "captive" if restrained in any way and would then be subject to the 1911 Act.

7. Any quarry which is injured should NOT be released, but should always be dispatched at the very earliest opportunity.

8. Quarry must only be released on land with the permission of the landowner/agent.

9. Upon completion of digging operations, all excavations should be backfilled, the earth and surrounding area reinstated to as close as possible its original condition, particular attention should be paid to the safety of livestock etc. and the earth's future use.

10. Membership of a terrier club which offers a rescue/insurance service and which is a member of the NWTF is strongly recommended.

11. The use of locator collars to assist in quickly locating the quarry and reducing any likelihood of terriers becoming trapped underground is strongly recommended.Badger being baited by terriermen

12. Terrier work must be confined to legal quarry species only and must at all times be conducted in a proper legal manner. NOTE: Familiarisation with The Protection of Badgers Act (1992) and the "Five Rules for the Terrierman" are considered essential, as is the ability to recognise the signs (as outlined in the "Five Rules for the Terrierman") which badgers leave around an active sett. IF IN DOUBT - KEEP YOUR TERRIER OUT.

13. The NWTF and its member clubs reserve the right to withdraw membership from any individual or organisation deemed by the relevant committee(s) to have brought terrier work into disrepute.

14. Any individual convicted of any offence under the Protection of Badgers Act (1992) or the Protection of Animals Act 1911 will be brought before the relevant committee(s) in accordance with (13).

15. The NWTF, its member clubs, affiliated organisations and individual members, recognise and endorse the above code of conduct and understand that this is a condition of membership.

16. The British Field Sports Society recognises and endorses the above code of conduct.

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