North West Hunt Saboteurs

Chaos in DerbyshireChaos in Monyash - 01/03/2008

On Saturday the 1st March the High Peak Hunt meet at 11.30am at the Bulls Head Inn at Monyash, Derbyshire.

During the course of the next three hours the huntsman lost control of his pack on numerous occasions. This resulted in them causing chaos on the roads and in the fields around the area.

The footage below shows one event where the pack can be seen running back and forth across a main road. Also during this clip you can see the pack looking for the scent of a hare they had been chasing, all this without the huntsman in the area.

Sabs where the only ones present where they proceeded to slow down the cars driving along the road, thus preventing any loss of life. They also made sure the hunt did not chase any hares they were after.

30 minutes later the same occurred again, with the same result. This time one of the hounds went astray.

When the hunt finally called it a day they were still missing a hound, which eventually came running down the road to the meet 20 minutes after the huntsman had put away the rest of his pack.

To watch the three and a half minute video clip just click one of the following links - 10MB, 15MB, 24MB or 70MB

How can all this happen if they were 'following a scent'?

Also see High Peak Hunt Filmed Chasing a Hare (15/03/2008)

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