North West Hunt Saboteurs

Hunting and Shooting Seasons


August - November
Foxhunting November 1st - April (sometimes May)
Red deer(England only)  
Autumn stags August 01st - end October 31st
Hinds November 1st - end February 28th
Spring stags February 28th - end April 30th
Roebuck April 2nd October 31st
Hunting (harrier, beagle & basset packs)

October - March
Coursing September 15th - March 10th
(Note: in England & Wales it is illegal to kill hares on a Sunday or Christmas Day.)
Mink hunting

April - September
Shooting birds  
Blackgame August 20th - December 10th
Capercaillie October 1st - January 31st
Grouse August 12th - December 10th
Partridge September 1st - February 1st
Pheasant October 1st - February 1st
Ptarmigan August 12th - December 10th
Common Snipe August 12th - January 31st
Woodcock (England & Wales) October 1st - January 31st
Woodcock (Scotland) September 1st - January 31st
Wild geese and duck  
Below the High Water Mark of ordinary Spring Tides Sept 1st - Feb 20th
Elsewhere September 1st - January 31st
Golden Plover September 1st - January 31st

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