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RRB - Hunt rampage claims denied 31/12/96

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HH - 18/12/96

On Wednesday 18 December 1996 four members of the North West Hunt Saboteurs attended a meet of the Holcombe Hunt at the Cavandish Arms, Brindle (east of Clayton Brook), the hunt started at 12 a.m.

As the sabs followed the hunt around the fields they used non violent direct action to disrupt the hunt by imitating the huntsman using a hunting horn and voice calls to control the hounds. This tactic was working very well until the hounds came across a fox hiding in some bracken on Holt Farm, which is owned by the hunt Master Arnold Greenhaigh.

The hounds then flushed the fox out and across the fields. At this point sabs tried to intervene using the above tactics, however, the huntsman had seen the fox trying to escape across the field and chased it back towards the oncoming pack of 40 hounds. Somehow the fox managed to escape being caught at this point and headed back towards the bracken. The huntsman once again headed the fox back into the oncoming pack, who were only seconds behind the fox.

As sab arrived at the bracken they could see the fox had been caught by a few of the leading hounds and the fox was using it's front two legs to crawl along the floor with a look of fear on it's face. At this point some members of the hunt then started to punch and hit the sabs as they tried to rescue the fox, while this melee was going on, a whipper-in for the hunt, Ron Stouph, managed to trap the fox while it was trying to escape. He grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and began to club it on the head with his riding crop until it was dead. A supporter then carried the body of the fox away very quickly to prevent sabs getting the carcass.

"I will never forget the look on it's face as it was clubbed about the head with a riding crop, its the worst thing I have ever seen in my 10 years of sabbing hunts" said Paul Timpson, a member of the N.W.H.S.A.

This incident dispel the hunt's theory that a fox is killed swiftly by a 'quick nip' to the back of the neck.

CH - Secret video shows death of foxhound - 5/11/96

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CH - Crash fears after fox takes hunt near road 21/10/96

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CF - 2/3/96

On Saturday 2nd March League Against Cruel Sports Hunt Monitors, filmed the Cheshire Forest Hunt trespassing and hunting on Dutton's Hollow Nature Reserve, and hounds running out of control on a busy main road The video evidence is being passed to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust who run the Nature reserve and to Cheshire Police who have already been warned by the League about the hazards faced by motorists from out of control hunting hounds, after a number of road incidents involving Cheshire Hunts, including a vehicle colliding with, and unfortunately killing a loose hound.

The fox-hunt, meeting from the Chetwode Arms, Nr Northwich, which was filmed throughout by League Monitors who do not demonstrate or protest at hunts, saw a large turn-out of police, including a police spotter plane tracking the hunt for over four hours, as police attempted to stop saboteurs from getting near the hunt. Neither police or protesters were present when the nature reserve and road incidents took place. Saboteurs behaved in an orderly manner throughout, with no evidence of violence, they were successful in saving at least one fox from being savaged to death, but sadly one fox was killed on the road, and a horse collapsed and died during the hunt.

Janet Smart NW Regional Rep (LACS) commented, Cheshire Wildlife Trust does not allow hunting on it's nature reserves, a policy shared with another 37 County Wildlife Trusts throughout the country, a clear indication that hunting is not compatible with conservation. The hunt did not have permission to be there, and no doubt the Cheshire Wildlife Trust will take a very dim view of this transgression.

We have warned Police about the road safety hazard caused by Cheshire Hunters who allow their hounds to run out of control on main roads, even recommending an exclusion zone be set up to keep hunts from main roads. However, dialogue between police and hunt officials, only resulted in hunt officials assuring the police they would regulate there own activities with regard road safety and that they will stop the hunt when they approach a main road Perhaps the hunts would like to explain to police even after making these assurances why time and time again, they appear to disregarded police advice and continue hunting across and alongside main roads, putting the lives of hounds and motorists at risk from their antics. On Saturday it was frightening to watch hounds running and riders galloping along the main road between cars and heavy good vehicles. The potential for disaster is very real, the police must take more positive action before someone is killed or injured.

Cheshire taxpayers must be wondering why enormous and costly police resources are used continually to attend hunt meets, in a bid to keep protesters away from hunts, yet inadequate action is taken to stop the hunts from endangering road users and trespassing. Further more if football clubs have to pay towards the policing of matches why do hunts not contribute to the policing of their so called sport which takes place on public highways and private land.

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CF - Foxhunt rapped 6/12/95

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CH - Death of hound sparks safety protest to police - 4/11/95

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CF - Foxhound pack runs on dual carriageway 1/11/95

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CH - Top huntsman quizzed on trespass allegation - 8/3/95

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CF - Anti-hunt campaigners call for a no-go area - 5/1/95

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CF - Hunt horror - 9/11/94

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CF - Row erupts as hunt chases fox onto busy road -  21/10/94

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RRB - Row over hunt 'havoc' at centre for homeless 11/10/94

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CF - Huntsman fined £250 for threatening behaviour and criminal damage - 9/6/94

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CF - Fox hunters lash cruelty claims - 9/3/94

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CF - Hounds branded out of control - 2/2/94

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CH - 7/1/94 Police hit out as hunt risks death on rail line 7/1/94

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CF - Hunt Is Given Trespass Warning 27/1/93

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