North West Hunt Saboteurs

What have they got to hide?

The North West Hunt Saboteurs Association (NWHSA) is challenging every hunt in the North West to publish all the meets from now until the end of the hunting season in March 2008. Hunts claim that thay are working within the guidelines of the Hunting Act of 2005, if so why not be open and upfront about what they are doing in the countryside

Since the act came into force in February 2005 hunts around the North West are still out chasing, terrifying and killing animals.

When people turn up to monitor what these hunts are really doing they are threatened, abused and even assaulted.

Click here to watch a clip of two monitors being threatened while they were attending a meet of the Cheshire Foxhounds in October 2007. (10MB) The two men in the video are no strangers to threatening sabs and LACS monitors click here

If hunts have nothing to hide why not publish their meets and let the general public see for themselves what’s really going on out of the publics gaze.

This month the Masters of Foxhounds Association published a list of where hunts will be meeting on Boxing Day. They only listed 87 hunts from a total of just over 300 throughout the UK, why?

The Countryside Alliance has stated in its annual press release for this time of year that hunting has never been so popular and this year were are expecting 250,000 to attend hunts on Boxing Day. If hunting is so popular now why has this figure stayed the same for the past six years?

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