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Grouse Shoot Sab - September 15th 2007

On Saturday 15th September supporters of the NWHSA attended a grouse shoot in the Peak District to save the lives of many grouse that were due to be shot in the name of 'sport'.

A shoot was located on infamous Saddleworth Moor on the A635 just east of Holmfirth. However, whilst sabs were still on route to the moor the shoot decided to take a break for dinner.

Following their dinner the shoot then relocated on another moor next to Chew Reservoir, just outside Greenfield.

Before the shoot could start their second drive of the day, sabs arrived and the shoot packed their guns away and came down off the moor.

There then followed a discussion on the rights and wrongs of game bird shooting!!!

The shoot then decided to call it a day.

It was also noted by the sabs that none of the moors had warning signs up to let walkers know that shooting was taking place, this is a clear breach of shooting guidelines.

The RSPB recently highlighted the worst year on record for suspected cases of bird of prey persecution in the Peak District area. Peak Malpractice Update 2007 unveils a catalogue of suspicious incidents discovered in 2006. And the report reveals that goshawks and peregrines are now extinct as breeding species on the moors.

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Some of the beaters The pissed off gamekeeper
Some of the shooters The rest of the shooting party

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