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Grouse Shoot Sab - August 13th 2005

Saturday August 13th 2005 was a typical summers day up 't north yes it was pouring down, bloody cold and blowing a gale, however, that did not stop sabs from Manchester, Liverpool, Reading, Derby, Leeds, Lancaster, Nottingham, Birmingham, Northampton, Edinburgh, Bristol and North and East London coming together to stop a grouse shoot.

Just gone 9am and sabs spotted some vehicles ready for a days shooting in the drive of a local gamekeeper. This gamekeeper was no ordinary gamekeeper as he worked for The Duke of Westminster on his Abbeystead estate just east of Lancaster.

Very shortly after finding the shoot vehicles the sabs arrived in their vehicles and parked either side of the driveway and waited for them to make a move. The local police were soon on the scene but did not show much interest and were happy just sitting in their cars and eating their butties (northern word for sandwiches).

Mid-afternoon the shoot decided enough was enough and called it a day and with the support of the police who very kindly blocked the road for them they sped off into the fog.

The next hour sabs spent driving round the local moors to see if anybody else was out shooting, however the good news is that they weren't.

Yet again another great days sabbing, not a shot fired and many lives saved.

Once again a big thanks to all the sabs who came and extra thanks to those who had a long journey and to the Duke of Westminster I'm sure we will meet again soon.

This is not the first time this shoot has been sabbed over the years they have been stopped many times.

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shoot vehicles sabs blocking road police
shoot sign

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