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March 2007-January 2008

During the last year North West HAS supporters have been keeping a close eye on Wigan council after they stated they were going allow DEFRA to cull all the Ruddy Ducks on council land. During October and November we kept up a daily vigil on a couple of lakes and stopped them shooting on one day. The sad news is that they have still managed to kill 46 ducks (DEFRA figure). The battle continues!!!

Since hunting resumed in October following the F&M restrictions sabs from the North West have been attending meets of the High Peak Hunt and the Forest and District Beagles (F&D). We have also been up to Cumbria few times to help fellow sabs up there.

A supporter of the Coniston Foxhounds was arrested in January after allegedly smashing the window of a vehicle containing anti-hunt monitors.

The three anti-hunt monitors were on their way to a meet of the Coniston Foxhounds to gather evidence of any illegal hunting when their vehicle was attacked near Ambleside, which resulted in them being covered with glass splinters. The monitors then managed to drive off and report the incident to the police at Ambleside where they made statements.

Anothet interesting day was on New Years days when 5 sabs were present at the kennel meet of the F&D. During the day the pack of beagles managed to chase a hare, a rabbit and even a deer (see clip 8MB), needless to say all escaped thanks to the intervention of the sabs who were on the spot to save them.

Earlier on in the day whilst in the fields the huntsman claimed they were only hunting rabbits and pheasants!!!!

Just how do you hunt pheasants?

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High Peak Hunt Sign outside Wigan Town Hall Ironic sign where the Ruddy duck are being shot
Forest and Districk beagles on New Years Day 2008 Forest and Districk beagles on New Years Day 2008 Forest and Districk beagles on New Years Day 2008

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