North West Hunt Saboteurs

Fox Killed by The Cheshire Forest Hunt
on 05/10/02 at The Millstone Inn, Whitley

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Below is the result of a post mortem performed on 5/10/02 on a vixen killed during a cubbing meet of the Cheshire Forest Hunt at Whitley. This fox was clearly disemboweled by the hounds.

Exploding The Hunting Lies Yet Again - 6/10/02

On 5/10/02 at 8.00am members of The North West Hunt Saboteurs Association (NWHSA) attended a cubbing meet of the Cheshire Forest Hunt at The Millstone Inn, near Whitley on the A49, south of Warrington. Cub hunting is the secret side of fox hunting, it is carried out well away from the eyes of the public. This callous activity is carried out at the beginning of autumn, by all foxhunts, to train new hounds to kill fox cubs.

Using various methods of non-violent direct action tactics they were to able to save the lives of many foxes. However, during the course of the morning the hunt put the pack of hounds into a kale field where they found a young vixen. When the vixen tried to escape the field she was forced back to the waiting hounds by a hunt supporter, where she was killed.

Three members of the NWHSA managed to save the body despite violence and threats from members of the hunt. The vixen was then rushed to a vets where a post mortem was carried out, the results of which are below:

I examined the above animal she had been dead for approximately two hours. There were puncture wounds to her neck, but not enough to cause death.

There were large puncture wounds to the right flank with heart and lungs exposed. The liver was prolapsed on the right flank. There were was a large wound to the ventral abdomen with the abdominal contents outside the body.

The likely cause of death is the disembowelment and puncture to the thoracic cavity combined.

Paul Timpson spokesperson for the NWHSA stated 'This fox was clearly disemboweled by the hounds as there was a number of wounds across the stomach, but no obvious bites to the neck. Hunt supporters always claim that the fox is always killed by a 'quick' nip to the back of the neck, yet again this post mortem exposes their lies. It is extremely rare that we manage to retrieve any evidence from hunts, especially something as horrific as this.

Another fox killed by Cheshire Forest Hunt 20/12/01 (with post mortem)

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