North West Hunt Saboteurs

Fox Killed by The Cheshire Forest Hunt
20/12/01 - Alvanley

This is the result of a post mortem performed on 22/12/01 on the fox killed at Alvanley. (Click on the thumbnail below to see the full size image). 

Post mortem

This fox was clearly disemboweled by the hounds of the Cheshire Forest Hunt on 20/12/01.

There was nothing that saboteurs could do to save the vixen (see statement below) except retrieve her mauled body. Hunters claim that the fox is always killed by a 'quick' nip to the back of the neck. However, whenever casualties of fox hunts are retrieved and examined, this is often shown to be false. This fox was 'presented' to the hunt by members of the NWHSA on 22/12/01.

Statement from Liverpool Hunt Saboteurs

"Liverpool Hunt Sabs attended a meet of the Cheshire Forest Hunt near the village of Alvanley, outside Chester, on 20/12/01.

"Using a method of non-violent direct action including voice calls and horns we were able to distract the hounds from the scent of foxes.

"After about an hour and a half the hunt put the hounds into a field of kale where they put up a fox. A hunt rider rode in front of the fox to 'chop' it back into the hounds. There was nothing the sabs could do to save the fox but we managed to pick up her body despite violence and threats from the hunters and take the body away.

"The fox had been disemboweled by the hounds and has a number of wounds across the belly but no obvious bites to the neck."

Fox killed 20/12/01 Fox killed 20/12/01
Fox killed 20/12/01 Fox killed 20/12/01
sab and fox killed 20/12/01 hounds and sheep 20.12.01
Click on the thumbnail to see full size image

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