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Duck shoot sab at Hoghton Tower 08.10.2005

On 8th October 2005 sabs from the NWHSA came across a duck shoot at Hoghton Tower, near Blackburn.

When sabs caught up with the shoot, which numbered about 30, they had been shooting for about 15 minutes but already many innocent duck had been slaughtered in the name of 'sport'. Sab moved into the field straight away to get to the guns to stop them shooting the ducks, using this tactic that has been used very successfully for many years, the shoot came to a complete stop.

However, it was noticed that a small pile of dead ducks could be seen in the corner of the field, as sabs with video cameras went to film the ducks it was obvious that not all of the duck were dead. So much for the birds are killed out right and the ones that are not are dispatched (have their necks broken) straight away.

One sab then did the kindest thing and put the birds that were still moving out of their pain, he did this while the shooters looked on as if nothing was wrong with the ducks i their eyes!!!

The shoot then all made their way back to the road followed by the sabs. After a long wait in the pouring rain the shoot decided to call it a day.

PLEASE NOTE : The video footage below is distressing but shows the reality of what goes on at a shoot.

Duck shoot 1 (dial up) 1.5MB

Duck shoot 2 (dial up) 700KB

Duck shoot 3 (dial up) 670KB

Duck shoot 4 (dial up 1.1MB)

Duck shoot 5 680KB

Duck shoot 1 (broadband) 6MB

Duck shoot 2 (broadband) 1.8MB

Duck shoot 3 (broadband) 4.5MB

Duck shoot 4 (broadband) 4.3MB

Duck shooters

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Do you know any of them? please let us know.

Please politely contact Hoghton Tower expressing your distgust at the 100's of innocent ducks that will killed on their land in the name of sport. What have these duck done? except give pleasure to many.

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