North West Hunt Saboteurs

Badger Baiters - XYZ

Name - Yafano Les

Address - 2 Vine Street, Middlesborough

Convicted - Autumn 1992

Fine - £500

Magistrates - Teesside

Age/D.O.B - 20

Also convicted - John Haytey

Notes - Yafano has a previous conviction for skinning cats. Both pleaded guilty to attempting to kill or injure a badger.

Name - Yates Angela

Address - Bells Lane End, Hartshorne

Convicted - 6/3/99

Fine - one-year conditional discharge

Magistrates - Derby

Age/D.O.B - 24

Also convicted - Darren Wilkinson

Notes - A man has been jailed for two months after a court ruled that he used two dogs, one of which was found with horrific injuries, for hunting badgers. Darren Wilkinson was also disqualified from keeping a dog for 10 years. Derby magistrates heard on 6/3/99 that an RSPCA officer and a policewoman, acting on a tip-off from a member of the public, discovered the Jack Russell terriers at Wilkinson's home in December, 1997. One of the dogs had most of its snout missing and the other one had bite wounds on its ears, cheek and leg. They described the injuries to the more severely-hurt dog as the worst of its kind they had ever seen. Wilkinson admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a Jack Russell terrier by failing to get medical treatment for the animal. But he claimed he had found the dog while out walking and taken it home. Wilkinson's girlfriend, Angela Yates was given a one-year conditional discharge and disqualified from keeping a dog for three years. She had denied causing unnecessary suffering to the badly-injured dog by omitting to take it to a vet, but was found guilty of the charge at a previous hearing at Swadlincote magistrates. A further charge against Wilkinson of causing unnecessary suffering to the other terrier was dismissed at the same hearing after the prosecution offered no evidence. The badly-injured terriers has since made a full recovery after having its face reconstructed by vet. Wilkinson and Yates agreed to sign over both animals to the RSPCA.

Name - Yeomans Adrian (metal plater)

Address - Howard Drive, Dines Green, Worcester

Convicted - 4/3/88

Fine - £200 and £40 costs

Magistrates - Worcester

Age/D.O.B -22

Also convicted - Melvyn Thomkins, Michael James and Steven George

Notes - Caught 29/7/87. All found guilty of trying to take a badger. Mr Joe Kieran defended all four.

Name - Young Stanley

Address - Elizabeth Road, Bootle, Liverpool

Convicted - 14/11/97

Fine - 200 hours community service and £200 costs

Magistrates - Stockport

Age/D.O.B - 30

Also convicted - Steven Taplin and Paul Archer

Notes - They were all found guilty on 14/11/97 of interfering with a badger sett and causing unnecessary suffering to a fox. Young was also found guilty of cruelty to his terrier. Stockport magistrates heard over four days how the three were spotted by a woman walking her dog. In court a vet told how he had examined a fox that was found at the scene. It was still warm, had 'pretty horrendous injuries' and had bled to death. The court also heard how a greyhound and two terriers were injured, and one of the terriers had such serious injuries that it required three operations to repair the damage to the lower jaw. The three said in court how they had travelled to Stockport to hunt foxes because there were none in Merseyside (yeah right!!!). Taplin also told the court that they would not have dug at the sett if they believed badgers were inside. He also disagreed that the fox had been savaged by the dogs. "What do you think they did? Give it a kiss?" asked the prosecution. Taplin also stated it was a duty to kill foxes "because they are vermin". All three were sentenced to over 200 hours community service and ordered to pay £200 costs each. Young also had to forfeit his terrier and was banned from keeping dogs for two years.

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