North West Hunt Saboteurs

Badger Baiters - S

Name - Sanderson Ronny

Address - Halifax

Convicted - ?

Fine - £100 and £750 costs

Magistrates - ?

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Alone

Notes - Found guilty of possession of badger parts under the Badgers Act and for possession of a tawny owl under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Magistrates heard how Sanderson claimed the badger was a road casualty, however, it was found to have dog bites on its neck. The court also heard how the owl had lead shot injuries.

Name - Scott Paul Kevin (miner)

Address - Albert Road, Mexborough

Convicted - 23/9/87 and appealed 17/3/88

Fine - £250 and £50 costs and £320 costs at the appeal

Magistrates - Thorne then Doncaster Crown Court for the appeal

Age/D.O.B - 29

Also convicted - Andrew Thompson

Notes - Found guilty of attempting to kill, injure or take a badger. Cleared of digging for badgers. They said they were after foxes, Paul Scott said he was an experienced fox hunter in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District. Spotted by an infa-red camera at the nearby power station.

Name - Scott Peter

Address - Hammond Drive, Darlington

Convicted - 27/11/93

Fine - £250 and £50 costs

Magistrates - Richmond

Age/D.O.B - 26

Also convicted - Ivan Greaves

Notes - They were both convicted of interfering with a badger sett. They were caught in January by two policemen who were alerted by a local farmer. They were caught digging at the sett and they also had a lurcher. They claimed that their terrier had chased a fox down the hole and were trying to dig it out.

Name - Scott Wayne

Address - Denmark Street, Liverpool

Convicted - 6/6/86

Fine - £150 and £96.83 costs

Magistrates - Chester

Age/D.O.B - 19

Also convicted - Philip Hughes and Stephen Horton

Notes - Caught 24/8/85. Found guilty of attempting to take badgers and digging for badgers. All three said they were after foxes.

Name - Scott Wayne

Address - East Street, Waterloo, Liverpool

Convicted - 13/3/87

Fine - Maybe £1500 (£750 for each offence)

Magistrates - Hawkshead

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Joseph Colbeck and Joseph Rooney

Notes - Scott has a previous conviction dated 6/6/86. Caught 11/11/86. Found guilty of digging for badgers, and attempting to take badgers. The magistrates adjourned the sentencing on Scott after hearing he had a previous conviction for digging.

Name - Settle John (member of F.& M.W.T.C.)

Address - Bacup

In court 19/2/88

Not guilty

Magistrates - Market Drayton

Age/D.O.B - 21

Also charged - Michael Birt

Notes - Caught 30/5/87. The land owner Mr Irvine told the court he only let people on the land to kill foxes, and last year they killed 125.

Name - Shakespeare Stephen

Address - Greenhill Farm, 120 Sandyfields Road, Dudley

Convicted - 24/10/95

Fine - £175 and £50 costs

Magistrates - Seisdon

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Gary and Robert Pearce

Notes - Gary Pearce and Robert Pearce pleaded guilty to interfering with a badger sett, Stephen Shakespeare pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting the Pearces. Caught 4/6/95 at 9.00p.m. Stephen Shakespeare was the landowner, he claims he told the two men to fill in rabbit and fox holes. Robert Pearce was also fined £250 for possessing a shotgun found at the badger sett. Shakespeare is also a horse meat dealer and his brother David, is also a horse meat dealer and lives at Shakespeare Yard, Oak Lane, Kingswinford, Dudley, West Midlands.

Name - Shannon John Fitzgerald

Address - Horn Drive, West Belfast

Convicted - Spring 1991

Fine - £120

Magistrates - Belfast

Age/D.O.B - Born 1972

Also convicted - Martin Owens, Sean Price and James McNally

Notes - All found guilty of cruelty to a fox which they then bagged, before it was set upon by seven dogs. All banned from keeping dogs for 2 years.

Name - Saunders Sean

Address - New Road, Porchfield

Acguitted - 7/12/01

Fine -

Magistrates - Isle of Wight

Age/D.O.B -

Also charged - none

Notes - On 7/12/01 a magistrate said lessons had to be learned on both sides after dismissing a case against a man whose actions had wrecked an active badger set. Sean Sanders (38) of New Road, Porchfield admitted removing up to eight feet of undergrowth, shrubs and small trees after he had been hired to clear a plot of land. Denying committing the offence, Sanders told the court he was unaware any badgers were present. Magistrates accepted that inspection meant Sanders had not been reckless in his actions even though the clearance would have affected the active badger set.

Name - Shaw David (Wore a F & MWTC tie in court)

Address - 12 Royal Thorn Drive, Benchill, Manchester, M22 7AZ

Convicted - 24/9/90

Fine - 3 months, £1000 and £300 costs

Magistrates - Brecon

Age/D.O.B - Born 1967

Also convicted - Trevor Limb, Mark White, Shaun Williams and David Leach

Notes - They made a video of the badgers being killed, the badgers were stabbed, shot and coursed. All received a ban on keeping animals for 5 years.

Name - Shaw Garry

Address - White Terrace, Rowsley near Bakewell

Convicted - 18-19/9/97

Fine - See below

Magistrates - Matlock

Age/D.O.B - 28

Also convicted - Gary Pettipierre, David Wragg and Michael Holland

Notes - They were found guilty of interfering with a badger sett, digging for badgers and killing a badger. The court heard on they were seen on 10/3/96 by a badger protection group. The group were keeping watch on a sett when they observed the four approach the sett and begin digging. They then watched in horror as a badger was knifed, then bludgeoned to death. The police were called and found the body of a fully grown male badger still warm in a shallow grave near the sett. The four told the police they had been looking for foxes (there goes that old excuse again) and had nothing to do with the badgers death. However, Wragg told magistrates he had stabbed the badger through the heart and then buried it. He said the two terriers were on a scent and had run into the sett, he then dug out the terriers and found one dog locked jaw-to-jaw with the badger and the other dog was also clamped onto it. Wragg said the killing was unavoidable. "It was not sport. I did it to save the dogs." Police took a knife from Wragg and a boiler suit from Holland both were bloodstained and DNA genetic profiling (used for the first time in such a case) matched the blood of the dead badger. On 17/10/97 all were sentenced to five months in prison by Bakewell magistrates, however all were released on police bail pending an appeal at Derby Crown Court. The court also ordered that their terriers be forfeited to the RSPCA. Following a failed appeal at Derby Crown Court on 12/2/98, Holland was sentenced to four months, Wragg and Pettipierre both received three months sentences.

Name - Shaw Mark (Earth stopper with the Quorn Hunt)

Address - Hilltop Cottage, Staunton Harold, Leicester

Convicted - 23/12/83

Fine - £700 and £230 costs (see below)

Magistrates - Nottingham

Age/D.O.B - 33

Also convicted - Brian Cupit, William Napier and Andrew Osbourne

Notes - Caught 24/4/83. All found guilty of 24 offences. Shaw and Cupit were found guilty of injuring a badger, attempting to take a badger, using metal tongues to take a badger, digging for a badger, using a dog to hunt for a badger, cruelty to animals and badger fighting. They were fined £150 on each badger charge, and £50 for each charge of cruelty to a badger. Napier and Osbourne were fined £100 on each of the above charges and £50 on the cruelty charges. A fifth person Mr Brian Burton of Lings Farm, Rempstone was found not guilty of the above and awarded costs of £1000.

Name - Sheridan Paul

Address - Johnson Fold Avenue, Bolton

Convicted - 21/8/99

Fine - 150 hours community service and £150 costs

Magistrates - Blackburn

Age/D.O.B - 43

Also convicted - Shaun Harwood

Notes - Two Bolton men who were caught red handed trying to set a terrier on a badger in its sett have escaped jail. Paul Sheridan and Shaun Harwood had both been found guilty of badger baiting by Blackburn magistrates and on 21/8/99 they were each sentenced to 150 hours community service and ordered to pay £150 costs. When they were discovered Sheridan had three terriers with him and claimed one of the dogs had run off and chased a fox down the sett, then become trapped underground. Magistrates found the men guilty of digging for a badger, damaging and obstructing a badger sett and causing a dog to enter a sett.

Name - Sherrin James Christopher

Address - Hilton Court, Sefton, Liverpool

Convicted - 1981

Fine - £100 and £10 costs

Magistrates - Wirral

Age/D.O.B - 20

Also convicted - Gary Purcell and Kevin Walsh

Notes - Found guilty of digging for badgers. There was also a fourth person, a 16 year old boy from Bootle who was also fined £100 and £10 costs.

Name - Simpson Keith Thomas

Address - 7 North Road, Clough Fold, Rossendale

Convicted - 12/4/90

Fine - £850 and £250 costs

Magistrates - Kendal

Age/D.O.B - 28

Also convicted - Paul Nightingale and Kenneth Place

Notes - Convicted of digging for a badger and ill-treating a dog. Offence took place on 10/9/89.

Name - Simpson Paul (Terrier man with Gelligaer Farmers Fox Hunt)

Address - Nuins Crescent, Graig Wen, Pontypridd

Convicted - 7/3/95

Fine - 2 year conditional discharge and £750 costs

Magistrates - Swansea

Age/D.O.B - Aged 24

Also convicted -

Notes - Found guilty of interfering with a badger sett. He was also banned from keeping dogs for 5 years.

Name - Simpson Mark

Address - Hunter Hill Farm, Seamer, near Middlesbrough

Acguitted - 2/12/01

Fine -

Magistrates - Richmond

Age/D.O.B -

Also charged - none

Notes - Charges against a farmer, accused of interfering with a badger set on his land, have been dropped, a court was told on 2/12/01. Mark Simpson (45) of Hunter Hill Farm, Seamer, near Middlesbrough pleaded guilty to two charges which alleged he blocked the run of an active set. However, when magistrates were told neither the RSPCA nor the local Badger Watch group monitoring his land had evidence to prove the set was occupied, the Bench ordered Simpson to alter his plea to not guilty. A new hearing was meant to have gone ahead at Richmond magistrates. However, with no new evidence coming to light, the court was told the case against Simpson, had been discontinued. No further action will be taken against him.

Name - Sloan Mark

Address - 38 Markfield Lane, Ratby, Leicester

Convicted - 9/3/90

Fine - £1000 and £141 costs (£400 for attempting to take a badger, £400 for digging for a badger and £200 for cruelty to a terrier used in the incident.)

Magistrates - Market Bosworth

Age/D.O.B - 20

Also convicted - John Ford, Alistair Pick and Neil Chappell

Notes - 44 years digging experience between them all

Name - Slorkoweski Paul

Address - Derwent Road, Lancaster

Convicted - ?

Fine - £65 and £60 costs

Magistrates - Lancaster

Age/D.O.B - 20

Also convicted - Robert Snape

Notes -

Name - Smalley Fredrick

Address - Hill Farm, Kineton Lane, Warmington

Convicted - ?

Fine - ?

Magistrates - ?

Age/D.O.B - 69

Also caught - David Clark and Richard Underhill

Notes - He was charged with interfering with a badger sett by destroying it on his farm between September 10 and October 5 1996. He was due to be tried separately, but sadly I don't know the outcome of his trial. Banbury magistrates took only one hour to find Clark and Underhill guilty and gave them 60 day sentences for attempting to take badgers, sending a dog into a badger sett and damaging a sett in August 1996. During the trial which lasted two days the court heard how the pair were caught armed with spades at a badger sett near Great Bourton in August 1996. They both claimed, wait for it, that they were trying to trap foxes and rabbits and their dogs had entered a badger sett by accident. When police raided Clark's home they found his living room filled with badger and fox trophies and gin traps were mounted on the walls. He also had dozens of books on bloodsports and hunting and 50 videos containing footage of rabbits and foxes being trapped and killed.. Clark and Underhill claimed they were digging into the sett, at Great Bourton, near Banbury, to rescue their terrier, which had run into the badger sett. Following an appeal at Oxford Crown Court on 16/1/98 the judge ordered the men serve the remaining time of their original sentences, and gave them 30 days each on the other 2 charges, to run concurrently with their longer sentence.

Name - Smith Clive Reed

Address - Appledore Road, Mynachdy

Convicted - 17/6/89

Fine - £400 and £100 costs

Magistrates - Whitland

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Richard Jones and Vincent Newbury

Notes -

Name - Smith Cyril (terriermen for the Fitzwilliam Hunt)

Address - Milton Estate, near Bretton, Peterborough

Acguitted - 29/10/01

Fine -

Magistrates - Peterborough

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Gary Edwards

Notes - Two hunt employees accused of interfering with badger setts by the RSPCA have had the case against them dismissed. Gary Edwards who lives on the Milton Estate, near Bretton, Peterborough and Cyril Smith Oakham, near Stamford both work as terriermen for the Fitzwilliam Hunt, had been accused of illegally blocking the holes or damaging a sett. But on 29/10/01 they were acquitted at Peterborough magistrates after the RSPCA said it did not have enough evidence to carry on. George Bowyer, joint-master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, which is based at Milton Hall, near Bretton, Peterborough, said the RSPCA had never had a case against the men and condemned its decision to bring charges. My men have always been innocent but their names have been blackened.

Name - Smith Duane

Address - Rowan Green Estate, Brentwood

In court 18/3/88

Not guilty

Magistrates - Brentwood

Age/D.O.B - Born 1969

Also charged - Harry Taylor and Tony Purden

Notes -

Name - Smith Ian

Address - 12 Marion Close, Netherton, Liverpool

Convicted - 25/8/87

Fine - £500 and £45 costs

Magistrates - Flint

Age/D.O.B - 30/7/62

Also convicted - John Colleran and Peter Davies

Notes -

Name - Smith Paul Anthony

Address - Hardman Avenue, Rawtenstall

Convicted - 13/3/81

Fine - £50 and £15 costs

Magistrates - Runcorn

Age/D.O.B - 22

Also convicted - Bill Holden and Richard Ashworth

Notes - They were all found guilty of digging for badgers. Caught 25/9/80. A photograph taken at the time was developed and showed a dog taking hold of a live badger. They said they were after foxes. All defended by Mr Robert Crawford.

Name - Snape Robert

Address - The Golden Lion, Moor Lane, Lancaster

Convicted - ?

Fine - £65 and £60 costs

Magistrates - Lancaster

Age/D.O.B - 22

Also convicted - Paul Slorkoweski

Notes -

Name - Stanley Gerrad Gary Daniel

Address - Cloucas Gardens, Ormskirk

Acquitted - 27/2/01

Fine -

Magistrates - Dolgellau

Age/D.O.B - 38

Also charged - Tony Edwards, John Garreth Griffiths, Donald Keith Edwards, David William Thomas and William Evans

Notes - On 27/2/02 Dolgellau magistrates heard about six men who were found allegedly digging a badgers' sett in a wood. They were accompanied by a dozen dogs. The men told police they were digging for a fox which had gone to ground. They denied all charges. The court heard that two dogs were seen trying to get into a tunnel at the bottom of the hole and a squealing noise could be heard. When one of the dogs, a terrier, was pulled out of the tunnel it was heavily bloodstained and had badger hairs in its mouth. The six were: Tony Edwards (27) of Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk; Gerrard Gary Daniel Stanley (38) of Cloucas Gardens, Ormskirk; John Garreth Griffiths (34) of Ty'n Llwyd Terrace, Trawsfynydd; Donald Keith Edwards (44) of Cysgod y Coleg, Bala; David William Thomas (36) of Old Tan y Banc, Penrhynndeudraeth; and William Evans (40) of Pengwndwn, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Tony Edwards was also found not guilty of an additional charge of causing unnecessary cruelty to his Lakeland terrier. Donald Keith Edwards said he had seen a fox enter one of the holes in the area. All six told the court they were hunting for foxes and denied they had visited the site to dig for badgers. David Thomas, who farms at his mother's farm at Blaenau Ffestiniog, told the court: "I've got no interest in digging for badgers. "Why should I go all the way to Llanfrothen when I've got badgers on my own farm?" William Evans said outside court: "I'm glad it's over and our names have now been cleared. "The boys hunt every week and have been doing it for 20 years and we want to carry on hunting."

Name - Starks Mark

Address - Goodenough Close, Old Coulsdon

Convicted - 15/3/85

Fine - 3 months in a detention centre and £100 costs

Magistrates - Croydon

Age/D.O.B - 19

Also convicted - Andrew Hull

Notes - Found guilty of killing a badger. They cut off the badgers head so as they could stuff and mount it. Starks also admitted possessing a shotgun without a licence. Hull also admitted possessing a cosh, going equipped to steal and theft of petrol, with 50 similar offences to be taken into consideration.

Name - Stewart Christopher Alan (member of Northern Lurchers and Terriers Club) also a freelance vermin controller for local farmers.

Address - Bankfield, Skelmersdale

Convicted - 5/11/87

Fine - £110 and £55 costs

Magistrates - Ormskirk

Age/D.O.B - 25

Also convicted - Ronald Corser

Notes - Found guilty of attempting to kill a badger and digging for badgers. When the police went to C. Stewarts house they found stuffed birds and a stuffed badgers head, which he claimed he bought in a Macclesfield gun shop.

Name - Stone Alan

Address - 10 Ossington Walk, Northern Moor, Manchester

Convicted - 15/9/94

Fine - £100

Magistrates - Manchester

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Tony Kelsey

Notes - There is a video which shows that the fox had it's feet strapped together with leather straps. The RSPCA confiscated the dogs, but a charge of cruelty to the dogs failed, and the dogs had to be returned. Found guilty of causing damage to the river bank. It seems that Paul Hale, see clipping said that he was just passing and he came across the two defendants but did not know them. He saw no cruelty just two people trying to rescue their dog. Both defended by DR R. Rooley from Huddersfield Witnesses - Steve Voysey, Anthony Wood, Barry Peachey and Paul Hale.

Name - Swanson Darren and David

Address - Pine Road, East Howle, Ferryhill

Convicted - 27/4/96

Fine - 5 months

Magistrates - Durham

Age/D.O.B - 25 and 28

Also convicted - Graham Howard

Notes - They all admitted to digging for a badger, attempting to kill, injure or take a badger and two charges of unnecessary suffering to dogs. All banned from keeping dogs for 10 years

Name - Sweeting Paul

Address - Swinton, Manchester

Convicted - Spring 1995

Fine -£1250

Magistrates - Newcastle-under-Lyme

Age/D.O.B - 31

Also convicted -

Notes - Admitted interfering with a badger sett. Two other men with him ran off when the police came. Claimed he was after foxes, banned from keeping dogs for 3 years.

Name - Swindlehurst James

Address - Union Road, Oswaldtwistle

Convicted - ?

Fine - £10 and £2 costs

Magistrates - Knutsford

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - William Dewhurst, Kevin Barski, William Addison and Anthony Latham

Notes - The police stopped a car on the M6 at Bexton and found two badgers and eight dogs inside. They were all found guilty of having live badgers in their possession. They said they had been fox hunting in the Staffordshire area.

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