North West Hunt Saboteurs

Badger Baiters - N

Name - Naisbett Ronald

Address - Earsdon Road, Hall Lane Estate, Houghton-le-Spring

Convicted - 13/6/86

Fine - £300 and £91 costs

Magistrates - Hexham

Age/D.O.B - 36

Also convicted - Colin Agar and David Jones

Notes - They said they were after foxes. Found guilty of digging for badgers. Caught 8/9/85. They pleaded not guilty to injuring a badger and the charge was dismissed. Mr Norman Laidman defended all three.

Name - Napier William

Address - Widdecombe Lane, Clifton Estate, Nottingham

Convicted - 23/12/83

Fine - £500 and £230 costs

Magistrates - Nottingham

Age/D.O.B - 29

Also convicted - Mark Shaw, Brian Cupitt and Andrew Osbourne

Notes - Caught 24/4/83. All found guilty of 24 offences. Shaw and Cupitt were found guilty of injuring a badger, attempting to take a badger, using metal tongues to take a badger, digging for a badger, using a dog to hunt for a badger, cruelty to animals and badger fighting. They were fined £150 on each badger charge, and £50 for each charge of cruelty to a badger. Napier and Osbourne were fined £100 on each of the above charges and £50 on the cruelty charges. A fifth person Mr Brian Burton of Lings Farm, Rempstone was found not guilty of the above and awarded costs of £1000.

Name - Nash David

Address - Markmanor Avenue, Walthamstow

Convicted - 2/10/90

Fine - £700 and £300 costs

Magistrates - Colchester

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Alone

Notes - Found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a fox which he had trapped down it's earth. He also received a 10 year ban on animals.

Name - Nash Jeffrey Stanley

Address - Caeglas, Penrhiwfer

Convicted - 31/1/85

Fine - £250 and costs

Magistrates - Haverford

Age/D.O.B - 21

Also convicted - Stephen Palterman, Andrew Thomas, David Bartlett and Jeffrey Leyshon

Notes - They said they were after foxes. Caught July 84. Found guilty of causing suffering to five dogs by keeping them confined in a boot of a car, cruelly ill-treating a badger and procuring or aiding and abetting two dogs to fight. All were defended by Mr Wyn Rees.

Name - Nash Lee

Address - Mancrotf Road, Lawerence Weston

Convicted - Autumn 1994

Fine - £240

Magistrates - ?

Age/D.O.B - 23

Also convicted - Steven Farley, Robert Massey, Julian Vokins and Barry Nicolas

Notes - All found guilty of interfering with a badger sett. They were caught by the RSPCA after a tip-off. All banned from keeping dogs for 2 years.

Name - Nettle Mark Anthony

Address - Tan-y-Coed, Swansea Valley

In court 23/7/86

Not guilty

Magistrates - Ammanford

Age/D.O.B - 23

Also charged - Alan Farthing and Neville Davies

Notes - Nettle and Farthing also cleared of dog fighting

Name - Newall Gary

Address - Popular Road, Lache, Chester

In court 22/2/85

Fine - ?

Magistrates - Wrexham

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Darren Challinor

Notes - Charged with attempting to kill or injure a badger. They were both caught 2/2/85.

Name - Newbury Vincent

Address - Miles Road, Ely, Cardiff

Convicted - 17/6/89

Fine - £400 and £100 costs

Magistrates - Whitland

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Clive Reid-Smith and Richard Jones

Notes - Caught 6/11/88. Gang was infiltrated by two undercover investigators. Found guilty of digging for a badger. Graham Walters was defending all three.

Name - Newell Gary

Address - Popular Road, Lache

In court 22/2/85 due to appear again 25/4/85

Fine - ?

Magistrates - Wrexham

Age/D.O.B - 25

Also convicted - Darren Challinor

Notes - Charged with unlawfully attempting to kill, injure or take a badger. Caught 2/2/85. A third man was also charged but failed to appear in court, and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Name - Newton Christopher

Address - 14 Northumberland Street, Weston Mill, Plymouth

Convicted - 18/1/84

Fine - £800 and £285 costs (for breakdown see Below)

Magistrates - Totnes

Age/D.O.B - 30

Also convicted -

Notes - Stephen Walker defending. Newton was fined £100 on each of four charges of killing, injuring or taking badgers. and a further £100 on each of four charges of cruelly ill-treating badgers. He was acquitted on four charges of using artificial light to take badgers. He had diaries (4 with over 200 pages) and photographs of which he kept records of the foxes, hares, badgers and deer he had hunted with lurcher dogs/terriers over the years.

Name - Newton Christopher

Address - 14 Northumberland Street, Weston Mill, Plymouth or Llewellyn Avenue, Cardiff

Convicted - 9/1/86

Fine - £500 and £200 costs.

Magistrates - Taunton

Age/D.O.B - 35

Also convicted - Paul Murray, Phillip Dann and Christopher Lewis

Notes - Newton was fined £500 because of a previous 8 convictions of badger digging in 1981, and was then fined £1,086. In his own written records seized by police showed that in 1981 alone he had killed 48 foxes, 11 badgers, 13 hares and 2 deer. He had killed 70 badgers altogether at the time of his arrest.

Name - Nicolas Barry William

Address - Lurgan Walk, Knowle

Convicted - Autumn 1994

Fine - £240

Magistrates - ?

Age/D.O.B - 19

Also convicted - Steven Farley, Lee Nash, Robert Massey and Julian Vokins

Notes - All found guilty of interfering with a badger sett. They were caught by the RSPCA after a tip-off. All banned from keeping dogs for 2 years.

Name - Nightingale Paul

Address - 18 Thornfield Avenue, Waterfoot, Rossendale

Convicted - 12/4/90

Fine - £1000 and £250 costs

Magistrates - Kendal

Age/D.O.B - 36

Also convicted - Keith Simpson and Kenneth Place

Notes - Convicted of digging for a badger and ill-treating a dog. Offence took place on 10/9/89.

Name - Nightingale Sean

Address - 4 Ballcarres Road, Ashton, Preston

Convicted - 27/1/90

Fine - £1000 and £250 costs

Magistrates - Market Drayton

Age/D.O.B - 22

Also convicted - Steven Fishwick, Gordon Grimshaw, David Travis and Paul Nightingale

Notes - Found guilty of attempting to dig a badger and digging a badger, also causing unnecessary suffering to dogs. Banned from keeping dogs for 10 years. All the terriers had skin infections. The day after the incident the farmer Mr William Towers said 3 men asked him to sign a piece of paper saying he gave them permission to dig on his land.

Name - Noon Peter

Address - 45 West Avenue, Goldbourne, Wigan

Convicted - 6/8/87

Fine - £200 and £25 costs

Magistrates - Macclesfield

Age/D.O.B - 23

Also convicted - Mark Tempest, John Billington, Thomas Cundliffe and David Boffey

Notes - All found guilty of attempting to take a badger and digging for badgers. They were fined £100 on each charge. Defended by Mr Richard Heap.

Name - Norman John William

Address - Barnes Road, Murton, Durham

Convicted - First in court 22/2/96 then sentenced on 3/9/96

Fine - 2 year conditional discharge

Magistrates - Durham

Age/D.O.B - 23

Also convicted - Kevin Gustard

Notes - Admitted a charge of interfering with a badger sett. Caught 10/9/95 by Mr John Hall, a gamekeeper. Hall kept an eye on the sett after telling the police, he returned three times after the men had left the sett, he could hear a puppy barking from inside the sett. The following day Gustard returned with Norman and the puppy's mother, who was fitted with a tracking device, he then entered the dog into the sett. Police the swooped and arrested them. Gustard told police he knew it was a badger sett but was trying to get his puppy out. The court was told that Norman had been given a 3 month sentence for an unconnected offence by Peterloo Magistrates on 30/8/96.

Name - Northmoor Jonathan (Whipper-in with Dartmoor Foxhounds)

Address - East Monksmoor, Bittaford, PL21 0HE

Due in court Autumn 1992

Fine -?

Magistrates - Tavistock

Age/D.O.B -

Also charged - Michael Weir, Gary Moore and Paul Williams

Notes - All charged with 2 offences of interfering with a badger sett.

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