Badger Baiters - L

Name - Latham Anthony

Address - Church Street, Great Harwood

Convicted - ?

Fine - £10 and £2 costs

Magistrates - Knutsford

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - William Dewhurst, James Swindlehurst, Kevin Barski and William Addison

Notes - The police stopped a car on the M6 at Bexton and found two badgers and eight dogs inside. They were all found guilty of having live badgers in their possession. They said they had been fox hunting in the Staffordshire area.

Name - Latham John

Address - Newton Hall Farm, Malpas

Convicted - 27/4/95

Fine - 12 month conditional discharge and £600 costs

Magistrates - Chester

Age/D.O.B - 52

Also convicted -

Notes - Pleaded guilty to having a dead badger under his control. Latham gave permission for a pest controller, known only as Steve to shoot any sick or injured badgers on his land (said to have a population of 150). In December 1993 Steve shot a healthy badger because he believed it had killed a swan.

Name - Lawson Peter William

Address - Turner Crescent, Motley

In court 2/3/88

Not guilty

Magistrates - Harrogate

Age/D.O.B - 28

Also charged - Mark Richardson and Christopher Partington

Notes - Also a fourth man Mr David Atkinson of King Edward's Crescent, Horsforth, Leeds was also at the wood. Caught 17/1/87. All three were found not guilty of unlawfully digging for badgers and unlawfully attempting to take badgers. A charge against Lawson of possessing a dead badger was dismissed after the prosecution asked for it to be withdrawn. Mr Granville Rooley defended all three. They said they were looking for foxes.

Name - Layshan Jeffery

Address - Aubrey Road, Penygraig

Convicted - January 1985

Fine - ?

Magistrates - Haverfordwest

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted -

Notes - see Jeffrey Nash

Name - Lea Mark

Address - High Street, Saltney, Chester

Convicted - 8/6/95

Fine - 3 months

Magistrates - Chester

Age/D.O.B - 27

Also convicted - David Thomas

Notes - Found guilty of attempting to take a badger and digging for a badger. Peter Mort defending. Video taken of a badger being baited. Also convicted of causing suffering to a dog.

Name - Leach David (Had his slaughter mans licence taken away after the case)

Address - The White Horse Video Shop, Railway Terrace, Buith Wells

Convicted - 24/9/90

Fine - 3 months, £800 fine and £300 costs

Magistrates - Brecon

Age/D.O.B - Born 1967

Also convicted - Trevor Limb, David Shaw, Mark White and Shaun Williams

Notes - They made a video of the badgers being killed, the badgers were stabbed, shot and coursed. All received a ban on keeping animals for 5 years.

Name - Lewis Christopher

Address - Adelaide Street, Mutley, Plymouth

Convicted - 9/1/86

Fine - £300 and £200 costs

Magistrates - Taunton

Age/D.O.B - 25

Also convicted - Christopher Newton, Paul Murray and Phillip Dann

Notes - Newton was fined £500 because of a previous 8 convictions of badger digging in 1981, and was then fined £1,086. In his own written records seized by police showed that in 1981 alone he had killed 48 foxes, 11 badgers, 13 hares and 2 deer. He had killed 70 badgers altogether at the time of his arrest.

Name - Leyshon Jeffrey

Address - Aubrey Road, Penygraig

Convicted - 31/1/85

Fine - £250 and costs

Magistrates - Haverford

Age/D.O.B - 24

Also convicted - Stephen Palterman, Andrew Thomas, Jeffrey Nash and David Bartlett

Notes - They said they were after foxes. Caught July 84. Found guilty of causing suffering to five dogs by keeping them confined in a boot of a car, cruelly ill-treating a badger and procuring or aiding and abetting two dogs to fight. All were defended by Mr Wyn Rees.

Name - Limb Trevor (Wore a F & M.W.T.C tie in court)

Address - 10 Two Acre Avenue, Benchill, Manchester, M22 7HJ

Convicted - 24/9/90

Fine - 3 months, £1000 fine and £300 costs

Magistrates - Brecon

Age/D.O.B - Born 1971

Also convicted - David Shaw, Mark White, Shaun Williams and David Leach

Notes - They made a video of the badgers being killed, the badgers were stabbed, shot and coursed. All received a ban on keeping animals for 5 years.

Name - Lloyd David Lyn (Master with the Vale of Clettwr)

Address - Blaenpant Farm, Pencader

 In court 14/4/00

Found not guilty

Magistrates - Lampeter

Age/D.O.B - 47

Also charged - John Geraint Owen Thomas, Gethin Jones and John Gareth Jones

Notes - The master and three other members of the Vale of Clettwr Hunt have been cleared of interfering with a badger sett by destroying it. Hunt master David Lyn Lloyd, John Geraint Owen Thomas, Gethin Jones and John Gareth Jones had encroached without permission on to forestry land. Gethin Jones who said he had 30 years' experience as terrierman, dismissed a prosecution suggestion that he had disturbed an active badger's sett and said he had walked around the area and had not seen any signs of setts. John Geraint Thomas said, "I have been a terrierman for over 30 years and there is no doubt in my mind that this was not a badger's sett. I know there are active setts in the area but we couldn't see these from where we were."

Name - Lloyd Henry Huw

Address - Brynsivol, Bettws, Bridgend

Convicted - June 1986

Fine - ?

Magistrates - Warminster

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted -

Notes -

Name - Lonston David Anthony

Address - Wythenshaw, Manchester

Convicted - 20/4/90

Fine - ?

Magistrates - Macclesfield

Age/D.O.B - 3/2/56

Also convicted - Vincent Walldock, William Mullin and Jonathan Crowther

Notes -

Name - Lovett Richard (Earthstopper with Vale of White Horse F.H. and area rep. for F.& M.W.T.C.)

Address - Meysey Hampton, Cirencester

Convicted - April/May 1996

Fine - £100

Magistrates - Wooton Bassett

Age/D.O.B - 41

Also convicted - Alone

Notes - The case lasted 6 days and cost £20,000. The court heard how Lovett went out on 6/12/94 to block up setts in readiness for hunting the following day. Defended by David Williams instructed by Knights of Tunbridge Wells. See article in Countryweek Hunting June 1996 for more unbiased details! In April 1997 he appeared at Swindon Crown Court to appeal against his conviction for illegally blocking a badger sett. The Crown Court rejected his appeal and decided that Lovett had committed the offence.

Name - Lowery Neil

Address - Chesterfield Road North, Mansfield

Convicted - 28/4/88

Fine - £600 and £120 costs (see below)

Magistrates - Newark

Age/D.O.B - 19

Also convicted - Andrew Holmes, Gary Morley and Christopher Burgess

Notes - Holmes, Morley and Burgess have previous convictions for badger related offences. Found guilty of two offences of digging for badgers on 21/2/87 and 1/3/87. They said they were after foxes.

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