Badger Baiters - K

Name - Kelsey Tony

Address - 11 Healey Close, Northern Moor, Manchester

Convicted - 15/9/94

Fine - £100

Magistrates - Manchester

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Anthony Stone

Notes - There is a video which shows that the fox had it's feet strapped together with leather straps. The RSPCA confiscated the dogs, but a charge of cruelty to the dogs failed, and the dogs had to be returned. Found guilty of causing damage to the river bank. It seems that Paul Hale, see clipping said that he was just passing and he came across the two defendants but did not know them. He saw no cruelty just two people trying to rescue their dog. Both defended by DR R. Rooley from Huddersfield. Witnesses - Steve Voysey, Anthony Wood, Barry Peachey and Paul Hale.

Name - Kellie Andrew

Address - St Ambrose Court, Netherton, Liverpool

Convicted - 28/8/87

Fine - £500 and £73 costs

Magistrates - Flint

Age/D.O.B - 24

Also convicted - Steven Movat, Francis Guatella and Robert Gilmore

Notes - They said they were after foxes. All found guilty of digging for a badgers

Name - Kendrick Stephen

Address - St Oswald Lane, Liverpool

In court 12/12/82

Not guilty

Magistrates - Wirral

Age/D.O.B - 25

Also charged - Peter Dobbs and Stephen Movat

Notes - All found not guilty of unlawfully attempting to take a badger. Caught August 1982. However a charge of causing £70 damage to Royden Park was proved and they were fined £35 each. They said they were hunting foxes and had killed over 400 in the last few years. Movat also has a conviction for other badger offences.

Name - Kingham Sean Christopher

Address - 111 Ramney Drive, Enfield Lock

Convicted - 2/6/87

Fine - £200 and costs

Magistrates - Epping

Age/D.O.B - 23/9/69

Also convicted - Jason Broderick and James Tomlin

Notes - Caught 7/2/87. Found guilty of attempting to kill, injure or take a badger. Anthony Beaumont of 14 Ramney Drive, Enfield Lock was discharged , being 15 years old, it appears he was unaware of what was going on.

Name - Kneal John Charles

Address - Westminster Drive, Brombrough, Wirral

In court 31/10/97 

Found not guilty

Magistrates - Northwich

Age/D.O.B - 58

Also caught - Peter Edge

Notes - Both walked free from Northwich magistrates on 31/10/97 after magistrates decided there was no case to answer over allegations of badger digging. Both were charged with disturbing a badger sett and causing a dog to enter a badger sett at High Billinge near Tarporley after the Cheshire Foxhounds had passed over the land earlier the same day in February 1997. The farmer who owned the land said "I was approached by Kneale, he said a fox had run to ground during the hunt and would it be all right to dig it out. I gave him permission. I didn't know they were going near where the badger sett." They were then seen digging at the sett by forest workers, who then rang a badger protection group to report them.

Name - Knight Graham

Address - Macmillan Road, Southbank, Middlesborough

Convicted - 14/4/90

Fine - £500 and £69 costs

Magistrates - Guisborough

Age/D.O.B - 24

Also convicted - Alone

Notes - Caught 3/12/89

Name - Krasowski Bernard

Address - ?

Convicted - 1980

Fine - ?

Magistrates - Rochdale

Age/D.O.B - Born 1961

Also convicted - William Royston and Ian Wild

Notes -

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