North West Hunt Saboteurs

Badger Baiters - F

Name - Fairburn John

Address - Castleford Grove, Greatfield Estate, Hull

Convicted - ?

Fine - £300 and £300 costs

Magistrates - Pocklington

Age/D.O.B - 38

Also convicted - Andrew Dalton and Martin Murray

Notes - All found guilty of digging for badgers and attempting to kill a badger. They said they were looking for foxes. Dalton also has another conviction for cruelty to a dog 22/1/93.

Name - Farley Steven Michael

Address - Doncaster Road, Southmead, Bristol

Convicted - Autumn 1994

Fine - £240

Magistrates - ?

Age/D.O.B - 26

Also convicted - Lee Nash, Robert Massey, Julian Vokins and Barry Nicolas

Notes - All found guilty of interfering with a badger sett. They were caught by the RSPCA after a tip-off. All banned from keeping dogs for 2 years.

Name - Farquhar Captain Ian (Joint Master of Duke of Beaufort)

Address - Warren Cottage, Acton Turville, Badminton

Convicted - 3/9/93

Fine - 2 year conditional discharge and £4000 costs

Magistrates - North Avon

Age/D.O.B - Aged 46

Also convicted - Alone

Notes - Found guilty of interfering with badger setts.

Name - Farthing Alan George

Address - Pen-y-Dre, Swansea Valley

In court 23/7/86

Not guilty

Magistrates - Ammanford

Age/D.O.B - 20

Also charged - Mark Nettle and Neville Davies

Notes - Nettle and Farthing also cleared of dog fighting

Name - Faulkner Anthony

Address - 64 Eagle House, Haedlam Street, London E1

Convicted - June 1984

Fine - £250 and £140.60 costs

Magistrates - Brentwood

Age/D.O.B - Aged 24

Also convicted - Raymond and Brian Ali

Notes - All found guilty of attempting to take a badger

Name - Fell Simon Andrew

Address - Greenbrown Road, Newall Green, Wythenshaw, Manchester

Convicted - 14/8/87

Fine - £425 and £25 costs for badger offence and £50 for being unlawfully in possession of a rabbit and equipment used to catch game

Magistrates - Wilmslow

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Alone

Notes - Found guilty of willfully attempting to kill, take or injure a badger and unlawful digging for a badger. Caught 8/2/87.

Name - Fellows Stuart Anthony

Address - Pond Lane, Parkfields, Wolverhampton

Convicted - 10/7/96 then sentenced on 13/8/96

Fine - 2 months for interfering with a badger sett, 4 months for assault and 1 month for stealing a camera. (All to run concurrently)

Magistrates - Oswestry

Age/D.O.B - 28

Also convicted - William Richards and Stephen Rogers

Notes - All found guilty of damaging a badger sett, Fellows also admitted assaulting Mr Bone and theft of his camera, they were caught 29/8/95. A local resident (Mr Bone) heard barking and went to see what was going on. On arrival at the badger sett he saw the three men digging, they told him it was a rabbit warren and they were digging for foxes. Mr Bone then started taking pictures of the three, Fellows then chased Mr Bone across the field and at one point hit Mr Bone across the back with a shovel. During a search of Fellows house in October 1995 the RSPCA found a stuffed badger and three wildlife traps. Fellows was defended by John Lishman, David McQueen defended Rogers and Richard Lloyd defended Richards. They were all banned from keeping dogs for 10 years. Following an appeal at Shrewsbury Crown Court on 14/9/96, his ban on dogs was lowered to 3 years.

Name - Fenwick Andrew (butcher)

Address - Modd Lane, Holmfirth, Huddersfield

Convicted - 12/5/85

Fine - £200 and £67 costs

Magistrates - Chesterfield

Age/D.O.B - 23

Also convicted - alone

Notes - Found guilty of attempting to dig for badgers.

Name - Finnerty Kevin

Address - Lupset

Convicted - Winter 1992

Fine - £300

Magistrates - Huddersfield

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Richard and Neil Thompson

Notes - All found guilty of digging for badgers. They said they were after foxes. All were cleared of attempting to kill, injure or take a badger.

Name - Fielding Andrew

Address - 155 Wingate Towers, Knowsley, Liverpool

Convicted - 24/6/88

Fine - £100 and £25 costs

Magistrates - Wirral

Age/D.O.B - 27

Also convicted - Christopher Till

Notes - They put a terrier down a fox earth, and also denied 6 other by-law offences. Both have other convictions for badger offences.

Name - Fielding Anthony Andrew

Address - Huyton, Liverpool

Convicted - 27/11/89

Fine - £250 and £75 costs

Magistrates - Berwyn

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Malcolm Hopwood, Kevin Roberts and Christopher Till

Notes - All convicted of attempting to take a badger. Defending Julian Linskill said they were only after foxes. Hopwood had an appeal at Mold Crown Court and lost. He was ordered to pay the costs of £410. He also judges terriers at shows.

Name - Fisher Charles Leighton

Address - 7 Chetwood Avenue, Crosby

Convicted - ?

Fine - £100 and £31.03 costs

Magistrates - Chester

Age/D.O.B - 21

Also convicted - Keith Thomas, McMullen, Kevin Walsh and Paul Hughes

Notes - All found guilty of digging for badgers

Name - Fishwick Stephen

Address - 23 Derwent Road, Chorley

Convicted - 27/1/90 then appealed and cleared 21/6/90

Fine - £500 and £100 costs all later quashed at appeal

Magistrates - Market Drayton

Age/D.O.B - 33

Also convicted - Gordon Grimshaw, David Travis, Paul Blackledge and Sean Nightingale

Notes -

Name - Fishwick Stephen

Address - 32 Derwent Road, Chorley

Convicted - First in court 3/8/90, then 6/11/90, convicted 5/12/90.

Fine - £500 later to be quashed

Magistrates - Telford

Age/D.O.B - 33

Also convicted - Thomas Mercer, David Bradshaw

Notes - Charged with attempting to dig for a badger, digging for a badger and ill-treating a badger. Mercer also faces four charges of aiding and abetting Bradshaw and Fishwick to commit cruelty offences. Wife is called Carol. One night they had all their windows smashed and a pickaxe handle thrown through the window.

Name - Florkowskie Paul George

Address - Tarbet Road, Moorland, Lancaster

In court 12/2/94, due back for trial 21/22 April 1994

Fine - ?

Magistrates - Appleby

Age/D.O.B - 28

Also charged - Jason Parker and Robert Clark

Notes - Caught 8/12/93. All charged with interference with a badger sett.

Name - Ford John Cyril

Address - 16 Chapel Lane, Ratby, Leicester

Convicted - 9/3/90

Fine - £1000 and £141 costs (£400 for attempting to take a badger, £400 for digging for a badger and £200 for cruelty to a terrier used in the incident.)

Magistrates - Market Bosworth

Age/D.O.B - 40

Also convicted - Alister Pick, Neil Chappell and Mark Sloan Notes - They had 44 years digging experience between them.

Name - Fowell Stephen

Address - Whitfield Street, Tranmere

Convicted - 27/7/02

Fine - six week in jail

Magistrates - Wallasey

Age/D.O.B - 30

Also convicted - Stephen Baker, Stephen Butler and Stephen Fowell

Notes - Three men accused of hunting badgers with dogs lied under oath in a tale concocted to protect themselves Wallasey magistrates heard on 12/7/02. Stephen Baker (38) of Overpool Road, Ellesmere Port, Stephen Butler (30) of Cedar Gardens, Queensferry and Stephen Fowell (30) of Whitfield Street, Tranmere are accused of badger digging on farmland in Pensby. Prosecutors alleged they fled the scene when officers approached, leaving a dog trapped underground in a badger sett. The trio deny the charges, saying they ran away because they knew they were trespassing. They admitted trespassing on the land up to three times to rescue the dog. The prosecution old the court how the three men, who are not members of recognised terrier clubs, failed to take warnings about possible badger activity on the site. "To hunt on a piece of land, you must obey rules. "You firstly must obtain written permission to hunt, be a member of a working terrier club, be able to identify badger sites on the land and give reliable evidence of your name and address, if stopped by the police. "What you are telling the court today is nonsense because you were there to try to get a badger." The men claimed that they had been interested in visiting the land to hunt for rats, rabbits and a fox. Baker told the court how he had been familiar with the area of land and had been intrigued by fox holes he had found on a previous visit. "I went to the land because there was a nice fox earth there. I could tell by the size of the hole and it stank of fox," he said. "I checked the hole first and then the dog went down it "I am more interested in foxes and rats than badgers. I am not a badger baiter and have even worked with Clwyd Badger Group." Baker then told how he was forced to dig the hole when he found that the terrier was missing. He said: "I tried using my locator and put my arm in to the hole. I was a few inches away, it was so frustrating. I then decided to dig the dog out." The dog was recovered three hours later by officers in a hole on the other side of the field. No signs of fox activity were found at the location. The men were remanded on unconditional bail. On 15/7/02 and witness called The Reverend and Worshipful Professor Doctor Barry Peachey ( dressed as a priest in a bid to appear more creditable) was called as a defence witness. On 27/7/02 Stephen Baker, Stephen Butler and Stephen Fowell were found guilty of badger digging. All three men had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

On 20/8/02 Stephen Baker (38) of Overpool Road, Ellesmere Port, Stephen Butler (30) of Cedar Gardens, Queensferry, and Stephen Fowell (30) of Whitfield Street, Tranmere were found guilty of badger digging and of interfering with a badger sett, they were also sentenced to six weeks to run concurrently. The judge also banned the trio from owning a dog for three years.

Name - Fox Michael

Address - Scarisbrick Crescent, Liverpool

Convicted - October 1992

Fine - 3 months suspended for 2 years

Magistrates - Market Drayton

Age/D.O.B -

Also convicted - Anthony Culley, Carl Morgan and Stephen Maxwell

Notes - Caught November 1991. All found guilty of digging for badgers. Maxwell, Morgan and Culley all have convictions for other badger offences.

Name - Frankish Graham (Gamekeeper)

Address - Ryde Farm Estate, near Guildford

Convicted - 28/1/93

Fine - £1,000 and £1,000 costs

Magistrates - Guildford

Age/D.O.B - 30

Also convicted - Alone

Notes - Frankish is the head gamekeeper on an estate rented by Lord Forte. He was convicted of possessing a dead badger which was found in his freezer with a snare around its neck. The badger was found following a search by the RSPCA. He was cleared of possessing part of a badger cub, part of a tawny owl and part of a barn owl.

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