North West Hunt Saboteurs

A Basic Guide to Laws Affecting Sabbing in the UK

A Pocket Guide To The Law - 2017 by The Hunt Saboteurs Association

Hunt sabs and the law part 1 - what sabs can and can't do - legally speaking (first featured in HOWL 94, Spring 2010)

Hunt sabs and the law part 2 - what can hunts get away with - legally speaking (first featured in HOWL 95, Summer 2010)

Know your rights - an activists guide to the law

The arrest process and your rights

Police search and seizure powers

A guide to possible offences

Guide for legal observers


In The Field


At the police station

If you are interviewed


What to do when released


The Law

Balaclavas and Face Masks - Crime and Disorder act 1998

Aggravated Trespass - Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

Public Order Act 1986

Police Act 1964

Offences on the Highway - Highway Act 1980

Breach of the Peace

Offensive Weapons - Prevention of Crime Act 1953

Assault and Battery

New Sections that might affect Sabotage


The Essentials

If you are Arrested

How the Police Interview

Sample Questions




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