North West Hunt Saboteurs

A Basic Guide to Laws Affecting Sabbing in the UK

Hunt sabs and the law part 1 - what sabs can and can't do - legally speaking (first featured in HOWL 94, Spring 2010) new

Hunt sabs and the law part 2 - what can hunts get away with - legally speaking (first featured in HOWL 95, Summer 2010) new

Know your rights - an activists guide to the law new

The arrest process and your rights new

Police search and seizure powers new

A guide to possible offences new

Guide for legal observers new


In The Field


At the police station

If you are interviewed


What to do when released


The Law

Balaclavas and Face Masks - Crime and Disorder act 1998

Aggravated Trespass - Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

Public Order Act 1986

Police Act 1964

Offences on the Highway - Highway Act 1980

Breach of the Peace

Offensive Weapons - Prevention of Crime Act 1953

Assault and Battery

New Sections that might affect Sabotage


The Essentials

If you are Arrested

How the Police Interview

Sample Questions




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